Rookie & The Vet

Oh Lord, I’m the Rookie & the Vet
Shout out to the modders out here holdin’ down set

  • Rookie: 2×18650 (P), Vet: 2×26650(P) OR 2×18650 (P)

  • Switch: Rookie = Recessed Tactile Switch, Vet = Large 19mm Switch OR Recessed Tactile Switch

  • Flush 510 Spring-Loaded Deck

  • LCD Voltmeter

  • Dual Mosfet Driven

  • Stealth Sized, Lightweight

  • Curved Ergonomic edges


    Unlike the RapGod series (which regulate power output), The Rookie & The Vet take advantage of raw, unregulated power. This means that you can fire extremely low ohms (below 0.2ohms) builds that were not otherwise possible on a regulated boxmod. Two batteries working side by side share the workload and are able to keep up with the task.  The difference in vape quality is immediately noticeable.   Single battery mechanical mods simply cannot complete.

    The on-board LCD voltmeter will clue you in to how two batteries work together.  It can be fired with a single battery, if that is all that is available.  If so, pay attention to the difference in voltage sag when two batteries are used versus a single battery.  With that said, there is no built-in low-voltage cutoff, so be aware of your total voltage, and please charge/replace batteries at 3.2volts.

    While they may be “basic” in the sense that powder not being controlled by a chip, it does not mean that they aren’t capable of high wattage.

    The Vet is the larger version of the two, which is capable of using either dual 18650 or dual 26650 batteries.  The printed battery sleds will accommodate either size without any sort of modification – for those who do not have immediate access to 26650 batteries.  However, the 26650 batteries will give you noticeably longer run time and power.  

    The larger 28mm atomizer deck is the perfect match for large 28mm atomizers, but also acts an over-drip well when using smaller (18-23mm) atomizers.  It is paired with a large 19mm switch, but can easily be customized with a smaller or recessed button if preferred.