Finally, The Ohm Reader That Doesn’t Suck 2 (Too) 


Q: What’s New in Version 2?



  • Accurately Reads & Fires Atomizers builds
  • Designed for Checking and Pulse-Firing
  • Displays Ohms, Watts, Current, and Voltage
  • Has Check, Fire, & Reset Functions.
  • Fires BELOW 0.2Ω
  • Uses Quality SPST switches designed to last
  • Magnetized Front Deck (holds tools/screws)
  • Magnetized Battery Tray
  • Uses a single high-drain 18650






Q: What Hasn’t Changed?

Dan's ORTDS.2, Black & Gunmetal Wrinkle


  • Still uses an Aluminum 2-Piece Body with Rubber Feet
  • Thoughtful ergonomics
  • Single-handed and table-top use
  • Accepts all diameter atomizers
  • Wins Hearts and Minds









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Ohm Reader That Doesn’t Suck (discontinued)

Q: What does it do?
A: It reads Ohms.
Q: What doesn’t it do?
A: It doesn’t suck.

ORTDS, (Shadow Chrome)


  • Aluminum Body Construction
  • Custom Powdercoated Colors
  • Spring-loaded 510 Deck (15mm or 22mm)
  • Flush-Mounted Momentary Switch
  • Anti-Slip Rubber Feet for Building
  • Tinted LCD Display
  • Reads 0.01Ω to 9.99Ω, ±0.01

ORTDS, Momentary Fire (Shadow Chrome)

      The ORTDS began as a small side project to alleviate many of the known annoyances found with your run-of-the-mill 510 Ohm reader – the biggest problem being the deck.  A combination of over-tightening and unscrewing a classic 510/ego thread eventually degrades the center pin to the point where readings either “jump around” or are inaccurate.  If you are unlucky, it will stop making a connection with your atomizer altogether.

     The ORTDS uses a 15mm/22mm deck with a spring loaded center pin.  An atomizer seated half way will read the same as one that is fully seated.  The center pin cannot be damaged from over-tightening.
     The aluminum molded box is both noob-approved and man-handle tested.  Unlike its plastic competition, it cannot be crushed with one hand (I dare you to try).  I give customers the powdercoated option because life is colorful like that. 
    The on/off slide switch is replaced with a flush momentary off(on) switch.  This prevents battery waste from carelessness and deters the vape bag boogie monster from leaving your electronics on. 
    The ORTDS is palmable enough to hold while cranking down atomzier post screws, and rubber feet have been added for those who like to center their coils while flat on the table.
    Finally, A black tint has been added over the LCD display, making it easier to read in direct light – and somewhat mysterious when it is off.